Pushpa will not release this year!


Mythri Movie Makers are planning to postpone the movie Pushpa for next year it is reported. Some patchwork is to be done and they are sceptical about the audience coming to the theatres in December. The movie was scheduled for release on December 17.

But now there are second thoughts about it. It is reported that Icon Star Allu Arjun is also not confident about the December release. They are also thinking about the Christmas release.

Sukumar who is doing Pushpa 2 is confident about the content and he thinks that the people will come for Allu Arjun. Once the mouth talk spreads people will rush to the theatres.

There is an item song in the movie and Sukumar is happy that it has come up very well. The Meka song is also popular now. Allu Arjun looks in a rugged look and he is doing the role of a Lorry driver where they smuggle the red sanders.

This story was first given to Mahesh by Sukumar. As Mahesh delayed the process, Sukumar approached Allu Arjun for the movie. The result is that it is being done in two parts as a Pan India movie.