Puri Jagannth Pawan Kalyan


Puri Jagannath one of the top directors of Tollywood who has given super hits to Pawan Kalyan is doing a movie with him after a long time.

Both Puir and Pawan are busy, but they have a good relationship and that has made them to come together for another movie.

The story is Ok for Pawan and it would be launched soon. Right now Pawan who is the chief of Janasena is doing 3 movies. One is the remake of Pink with Dil Raju in the name of Lawyer Saab. The other one is with the director Krish Jagarlamdui. The third one is with harish Shankar it is reported.

He has agreed to do these three movies, but now the latest is that he has agreed for the 4th one also. With the elections not in the vicinity and the Jana Sena being aligned with the BJP, Pawan has very less of political works these days.

He is relatively free and completing his movie commitments. People were expecting Pawan to fight for Amaravathi farmers, but nothing is movies from Jana Sena side.

The BJP is maintaining double standards when it comes to Amaravathi. So Pawan has no other option but to keep quiet for the time being and make hay while the sun shines.

The 4 movies will give some financial backup for Pawan as movies are his bread and butter.