Trivikram Srinivas, Srinu Vytla and Puri Jagganadh the movie directors, all of them are losing their Midas touch. They have delivered all duds in the recent times. After Temper Puri is yet to deliver a Hit. Vytla is craving for a hit and is abroad with Ravi Teja for his latest movie. Trivikram is also on a losing spree. He could not give a hit even with Pawan Kalyan.

Will they come back to giving hits is the question. Both Puri and Trivikram want to make a hit with Junior NTR. After Temper, Puri is again waiting for the dates of NTR. Trivikram is now being branded as a copycat and taking plots from foreign movies.

Puri, vytla, Trivikram losing the plot

They call it inspiration. Now Puri has directed his son and is unable to sell the movie for a profit. He is depending on Dil Raju for the distribution.

But the selling plot also has changed in Tollywood from Rangasathalam. It is the share that matters and not the number of theatres. That means the marketing system has changed.

All the three top directors might ponder over as to what they are doing these days. Making a fast buck is not the solution. Making people happy should be the ultimate aim so that they will have some goodwill for the future.

Trivikram has withdrawn into the shell and is planning to do a good movie with him. He has chosen a novel from a writer in the recent times it is reported. Madhu Babu is the writer.

Puri, vytla, Trivikram losing the plot

Lets hope they will come into form and give good meaningful and fresh movies to the Telugu audience. Puri must get his old team and should not depend on Charmee. He must stop making the speed and fast forward system and make the movie sincerely with all patience and commitment.

Vytla must get the right combination and use the comedy to the maximum extent. Kona Venkat the writer was the right person for Vytla as a writer.