Protect your eyes from the possible side-effects


The eye is the most important organ in the human body. One has to take care of it properly. The IT jobs are not eye-friendly and that is the main issue for the youth these days.

Eye irritation is one of the main issues that is being reported to ENT specialists these days.

1. An anti-reflective coating glass should be used during prolonged usage of digital devices

2. Blinking frequently should be practised, making the conscious effort to keep eyes clean and lubricated

3. Give rest to your eyes and take frequent breaks to relax the ocular muscles.

4. Always adjust the digital screen brightness according to the lighting around you to avoid strain

5. Sit at an arm’s length from the screen and place it below eye level.

Apart from this wash your eyes regularly with cool water. Eight hours sleep is must for the eyes, so that you give the eyes the required rest.