Proper send Off for Dhoni !


There should be a proper send-off for Dhoni the former captain of the Indian cricket team told Anil Kumble the former cricketer. It looks like the selectors may ignore Dhoni in the near future as he is getting busy with the Army , advertisements and other things.

Dhoni has done a lot for the Indian team in the last several decades and made India proud. In this context, Kumble opined that the selectors have a plan what is in store for MS Dhoni in the near future. The selectors may not pick up Dhoni for the future it looks like.

So Kumble said that they can spell what is the future course of action and give him a proper send-off as he deserves a lot from the team and also the Indian selectors and BCCI during the send-off.

Meanwhile, the selectors and the fans do not know what actually is going in the mind of Dhoni. They do not know if Dhoni wants to continue or retire. On the other hand, Physical endurance has to be tested for Dhoni. People have seen Dhoni at the army camp have said that he is fit than ever before.