There is no reduction in the funds pertaining to welfare programmes, but the decision is taken which are proposed in this Budget to increase the beneficiaries of welfare schemes. This Budget depicts the Telangana Government’s commitment towards the advancement of poor people. This is purely progressive Budget which is prepared with a people-centric approach. I am presenting 2020-21 Annual Budget proposals for approval of this House.

The antidote to economic recession is to enhance people’s purchasing power. By giving top priority to welfare, the Government is enhancing standards of living of people.


Government is achieving economic development through dual strategy of enhancing people’s purchasing power step by step and by spending resources on capital expenditure.

Elections at all levels i.e., from Village level to Parliament are now over. During every election, people reposed complete faith on TRS Government.

The mandate of people announced that the path we are treading is correct and the strategies that we are following are successful.

Even though this budget is only for one year, our strategic plans are for four years. This budget is prepared to keep in view the necessities of people and clear awareness of their priorities.