producer Nattikumar


Kranthi the son of Tollywood producer Nattikumar was beaten up last night. Kranthi was trying to enter the Country Club for the promotion of a beautiful movie of RGV.

His car was not allowed into the club, and he called up the dial 100 number of police. The police have come but rudely behaved with Kranthi without knowing the facts.

Kranthi informed his father Natti over the matter. Natti Kumar rushed to Punjagutta police and raised the issue with the police for beating his son for no reason.

He also made a complaint against the event managers of the Country Club for not promoting the movie Beautiful as promised earlier. The police had no other option but to apologise to Kranthi and Natti Kumar for beating his son.

A man has dialled up 100 for justice, but he was beaten up by the police without proper enquiry. They thought he as trespassing into the club. The New year celebrations were going on in the club.