Probe on AP land purchases

Minister Perni Nani

Where from can we get around one lakh crore for the development of Amaravathi as the capital questioned the Minister Perni Nani. He was briefing the media after the cabinet meeting which was conducted for about two hours.

He opined that the capital in Amaravathi was just an imaginary one and about 5000 crore has already been spent for the same. An enquiry into the purchase and sale of lands in Amaravathi will be ordered announced the Minister.

Lands in the name of drivers and servants were purchased and we have proof the same he said. The real culprits will be caught soon and the reality will come out he stated.

The land was pooled under the guidelines of the Narayana committee he said. Lokayauktha or CBI will probe into the land scam he announced. We have to decide between the welfare and construction of Capital city he said.

We cannot do it keeping the welfare aside Perni hinted. A high power committee will study the two reports and then give a suggestion to the Government he explained.

CM has just hinted on the floor of the house about 3 capitals and not given any decision Nani clarified.