Private testing of COVID allowed


People who have apprehensions of COVID Virus are allowed for private testing said Chief Secretary Somes Kumar. Talking to the media Somesh said that we must be alert on a daily basis as the situations very dynamic in Hyderabad.

The testing across the constituencies is being done to instil the confidence among the people that they do not have any virus. The testing from the Government side is also done from today he explained.

The Government is ready for any eventuality he said. The labs are permitted by the ICMR he stated. Private hospitals can also take up the treatment he said.

The Government will see to it that the patients will not be exploited. The government will do the free treatment he said. The testing and treatment is being done on the guidelines of the ICMR he stated.

He agreed that the admission of the patients will be taken depending on the seriousness of the COVID various he . People will not be admitted for ordinary fevers he explained.

People from all sections of he society must build up immunity he suggested.