Priority for the second dose in Telangana

covid vaccine

Under the dynamic leadership of K Chandrasekhar, the Telangana Government has decided that they will stop the supply of Covid Vaccine to private hospitals.

The Health Department has decided that it will give priority to the second dose takers. The Government on the other hand has decided it will provide free Covid vaccine to all.

The idea is to cover all the population with the Vaccine. Meanwhile, the night curfew imposed in the state to stop the Corona wave will end tonight.

It has to be seen if the night curfew will be extended or not. There is a rumour that lockdown could be imposed from the 2nd of May for 15 days to stop the onslaught of Corona in the state.

The Corona cases and the deaths are rising in a steady manner in the state of Telangana. The Government on the other hand is not ready to give the vaccine to people who are above 18.

They can provide vaccine to people who are above 45 and the priority is for the 2nd dose only. First, the Government will cover people above 45 and then think about the population above 18.

More than a crore people registered for the Vaccine.