Prince Mahesh in a fast forward mode

Prince Mahesh

Mahesh Babu who is busy with Maharshi wants to start a movie with Sukumar soon. The completion of Maharshi would launch him into Sukumar’s movie. But Sukumar will be betaking at least 12 months for his movie it is learnt. In between Mahesh wants to fix a quick one which is light and not a serious one. So that he would able to complete two movies in a year which will be commercially viable.

He is searching for the stories of that kind which are youthful light and somewhat comedy oriented with a fast forward mode.

Prince Mahesh


As of now, Maharshi is shaping up very well and he would have to do some promotion for the launch. It is reported that Arjun Reddy director has given a storyline to Mahesh where he would have to play a mechanic. But Sandeep Vanga will also take some time and cannot do a movie as quick as Puri of RGV.

In this scenario, Mahesh is looking at the new directors also. He is bothered about the content first. He wants the content to be strong so that he can support other things for the movie to be perfect.