Will some decision come today? There is already speculation of President’s rule in Karnataka. It looks like Yeddyurappa is not interested in taking a chance with such a thin majority.

The Karnataka drama is continuing day in and day out while the options for the Speaker and the Chief Minister are almost over.

The only option now left is for the BJP to form the Government or leave it to the Governor to take a decision. The Speaker of Karnataka Assembly has tried to save the Government to the maximum extent possible. The speaker is neither taking the orders of the Court nor the Governor of Karnataka.

The floor test was postponed from time to time while the Congress and Kumara Swamy Government have been losing the numbers. The lone BSP MLA also has withdrawn the support to the coalition Government which is in minority now.

The Governor has set two deadlines for the speaker to complete the floor tests, but it was not done. Later it was proved that the BJP has the majority on the floor for that day.

The BJP leader Yeddyurappa the CM candidate from the BJP said that they were ready for the floor test. He was not interested in making any complaints.

The Congress party has lost more than a dozen MLAs and now they have lost the lone BSP MLA who was supporting the Government. The senior leader Deve Gowda alleged that the horse-trading was going on and the Congress MLAs were purchased by the BJP. Gowda, on the other hand, claimed that he was not clinging to power.