preety zinta

Preity Zinta the former leading lady of Bollywood says it all depends on how you want to be treated and how you project yourself. She was talking about the Me Too movement and opined that it was good. She said that it was being seen in a magnifying glass in the industry and that all other sectors have this MeToo issue in a larger form. Here in the industry, there is a forum now where you can express and expose she said.

She wished that she had some issue of his kind and that she never face anything of that sort. She opined that both men and women can be involved in this kind of acts. One must be cautious she said jokingly. She sounded as if women might also get involved and then project it in a different way. Todays sweeto can be tomorrows Me Too she warned. It all depends on how you can carry on forward and present yourselves she said.

But some people are opposing the way Preity is talking about it. Some of them tweeted against her as she is taking the issue very lightly.