Precautions to take for taking medicines


Medicines are the need of the hour to cure diseases. But what kind of Medicine and what are the does is important. The side effects should also be kept in mind before taking any medicine.

Some precautions:
1. What is the name of the medicine and why am I taking it?
2.What medical condition does this medicine treat?
3.How many times a day should I take it? At what time(s)? If the bottle says take “4 times a day,” does that mean 4 times in 24 hours or 4 times during the daytime?
4.Should I take the medicine with food or not? Is there anything I should not eat or drink when taking this medicine?
5.How long will it take this medicine to work?
6.Will this medicine cause problem, if I am taking other medicines?
7.Is it safe for me to drive while taking this medication?
8.What does “as needed” mean?
9.When should I stop taking the medicine?
10.If I forget to take my medicine, what should I do?