Prashant Kishore quits as poll strategist

Election strategist Prashant Kishore.(File Photo: IANS)

Prashant Kishore after winning the West Bengal says that he is quitting as a poll strategist. Prashant says he wants to do something else. He will not agree to the point that Mamata will not be able to join the forces together and it will not make any difference.

I Know BJP and I know how they fight stated Kishore. If I wanted to be in Rajya Sabha I would have been there much before said Kishore. No No I am not a master strategist said Kishore in the end.

Prashant was seen with his team as they were singing and dancing. Prashant tried to become a politician for some time in Bihar but could not succeed. Prashant was the man who was behind Mamata.

After working for Jagan in AP, Prashant shifted to Bengal for Didi and now he has given a resounding victory. He was predicted less than 100 seats for the BJP in Bengal and he was proved absolutely correct.

But Prashant did not reveal what he is going to do in the near future. But he is quitting the work of a poll strategist. Prashant started his career with Narendra Modi and then shifted to other parties.

He was with the Congress party for UP elections. But Congress did not take the advice of Prashant seriously.