Prashant Kishore for Kejriwal

prashanthkoshore kejriwal


Prashant Kishore the political strategist who gave power to Jaganmohan Reddy in AP has been hired by Kejriwal the President of AAP. Prashant is also working for the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Prashant is the one who helped Modi and Nitish to come to power. Now he is not working for the BJP, but is with Nitish and has opposed the latest citizenship Act.

He is more or less opposing Nitish directly on some issues. Kejriwal has tweeted that he is happy to have Kejriwal on board. Prashant is one of the reasons for the TDP to lose power in AP and also Jagan coming to power.

We have to see how this works out for Kejriwal. The stocks of BJP are down after they lost Maharashtra. On the other hand, Kejriwal has been giving things free for the citizens of Delhi. Free power, free water, free travel on Metro so and so forth.

But he is yet to tackle the main issue called pollution in Delhi.