Prashant Kishor may join Congress party


There are rumors that the election strategist who worked for Modi and who is working for the Congress party is going to join the active politics in the form of Congress party.

His strategy may not have worked in UP as the congress party did not follow it in full. He wanted Priyanka for the campaigning, but they did not agree for the same. But Punjab followed him and they reaped rich dividends.
Five days ago, a poster at the Congress office in Lucknow called out Prashant Kishor, sarcastically offering five lakhs for any information on the election strategist’s coordinates.

Prashant Kishor may join Congress party

The poster was brought down hurriedly on the orders of senior leaders, the partyman responsible for it was suspended for six years, and today, the Congress gushed on twitter about Mr Kishor, offering some belated TLC to the 40-year-old while crediting him with a big role in the party’s victory in Punjab.

Through the inquest of the Congress’ debacle in Uttar Pradesh- one of three states that he managed – Mr Kishor has not commented on either his own or the party’s missteps, or what relationship they will have in the future.

But sources close to him say that over the next two weeks, Mr Kishor will consult with top members of his team -the data-crunching, election start-up called IPAC or the Indian Political Action Committee -to explore whether any future association with the Congress should be as “an insider” – a member of the party, as opposed to an adjunct position, however senior.