Praksh Raj Thanks KTR

Film Star Prakash Raj has thanked teh Telangana Government nad slo the Minister for IT KT Rama Rao for allowing him to serve the migrant workers.

The migrant workers in Telangana were given shelter in the farmhouse of Prakash Raj and alter they were allowed to go to the native places. Prakash also thanked the DGP for giving them the passage to their native places.

Prakash was happy that he was able to serve the migrant workers here in his farmhouse during the lockdown and also the Corona period.

The migrant workers were there for 44 days in the farmhouse. Prakash said that he is going to miss them.

On the other hand Prakash Raj who is free in the lockdown has spent his time with the family members. But he could not meet his elder daughter who is in foreign countries.