Prabha’s the Vaahubali star has taken up Green India Challenge started by the TRS MP Joginapally Santosh Kumar. The Green India challenge has entered the third phase.

So far more than 5 crore saplings have been planted as part of the challenge itis reported. Teh challenge takes place where one personality plants the spellings and challenges three others in the process.

That way the plantation multiplies from time to time. It is reported that Prabahs will be taking up plantations in around 1000 acres of a reserve forest in the state of Telangana.

This a very big task but a huge area gets green cover thereby giving better and cool environment to the people of Telangana.The green India challenge is being taken up across the world by the Telugu people inspired by the TRS MP Santosh Kumar.

The plantations also took place in the parliament building earlier on the request of the TRS MPs. People from sections of he society are appreciation the Green India Challenge being taken up by the Mp Santosh Kumar.