Prabhas gets a real darling certificate


Prabha’s is a real darling certified Shruthi Hassan the daughter of Kamal Hassan. Shruthi has worked for Salaar with Prabhas for Prashant Neel. Not only Shruthi many leading ladies have certified him as a very good person.

Some men stated that he kills with the best food and the variety is unlimited. Rajus are known for hospitality and a cook especially travels with the darling all the time.

Sometimes chutneys are flown in for the sake of Prabhas by his family members. Despite having a number of varieties of Biryanis and other foods, Prabhas wants chutneys homemade by his family members.

All the crew members also get the same food that he eats from Prabhas. Sometimes the unit eating sessions go on over the night. Food is also ordered from the best of the hotels in the respective cities.

Krishna Raju his uncle is also a great host and you have hundreds of dishes for Lunch and dinner. They are popular for it.