After a big disappointment called Saaho, Prabahs the darling is still nursing his wounds. The money was recovered for Saaho but he is yet to come out of the disappointment.

Now it is a challenge for Praahs darling to recover the lost glory. Baahubali brought him international image. But Saaho spoiled his image to some extent here in Telugu states.

In Bollywood it was OK. Now darling is working for a love story called as Jaan. The shooting has already commenced and he has to continue and finish the movie. He had to spend two years for Saaho and we do not know what is in store for Prabahs darling.


People are after him to get married. Krishnam Raju his uncle was after him for the last 2 years to get him married. But so far nothing has been decided.

Right now Prabhas is concentrating on the movie Jaan. He is in dire need of a success story now. When it comes to the marriage around 2000 people have approached the darling with beautiful girls and Prabahs is yet to make up his mind for the marriage.

Even Anushka mother said that she likes Prabhas. But Anushka said that they are just good friends.