Power usage is an indicator for development


As we are developing in a big way, we are using more Power said KTR the Minister for IT and Municipal Administration. He was speaking at a seminar called Vibrant Hyderabad where he said that there were dharnas by the industrialists for power.

Now we have 24/7 power and there is no issue of power and water he said. The city will be further developed and Hyderabad the best city in the country and rated as affordable across the World.

We are better than other cities he explained. Modi Government has certified that Hyderabad is better when compared to other cities. There is now law and order issue and the development must continue he suggested.

Let the opposition fight on the plank of development and not in terms of caste, creed and religion he said. Both the BJP and MIM are talking about demolitions. This is not MP election and it is just city election he suggested.

I have already given a progress report for showing the responsibility and accountability KTR said. The BJP must show us what they have done for the development of Hyderabad so far he challenged.

We gave the centre around 3 lakh crore towards tax and they returned around 1.5 lakh crore . Is this justified he asked. He talked about Metro, water supply,power supply and IT giants coming to the city.

Dont get carried away by the religion politics, vote for development suggested KTR.