Electricity Board CMD Prabhakar Rao has requested DGP Sri Mahender Reddy that the police should cooperate to ensure electricity employees discharge their duties. He said employees working in Power Plants, Sub Stations, and Linemen work in shifts and they should be allowed to travel to and from without any problem. The DGP positively responded to the request.

The DGO instructed the police personnel to allow Electricity employees going for their duties after showing their ID cards.

The DGP said power supply will be there if the employees attend to their duties or else the entire state would plunge into darkness. He said this should be noted. The DGP said medical and Health, electricity, sanitary, drinking water supply, sewerage, media and other such institutions should be treated as Emergency services.

He said the police would cooperate if the emergency services personnel display their ID Cards.Telangana State Transco, Genco CMD Sri Devulapalli Prabhakar Rao have called upon the employees and staff all over the State to extend their services to people so as not to put them (people) to inconvenience as the electricity supply comes under the essential services. He wanted all the employees, workers from the generation plants, substations, those working on lines to offer their services to people while taking care of their health.

CMD Prabhakar Rao along with the Energy Special Chief Secretary Sri Ajay Mishra held a tele-conference from Vidyut Soudha. Transco JMD Sri Srinivasa Rao, SPDCL CMD Sri Raghuma Reddy, NPDCL CMD Sri Gopal Rao participated. Prabhakar Rao spoke to Electricity Organisations Directors, Administrators of various plants, and District officials of Discoms.