Pooja Hegde saved Akhil this time


Akhil has to learn a lot about acting. When it comes to the Bachelor movie, Poojas padding saved the movie. Otherwise, it would have been a flop. Even now it is not a big hit.

But Geeta Arts 2 will get back their money. Allu Aravind is taking all care to see that they don’t lose in this movie. Perhaps Aravind will not touch Akhil again.

It will take some more time and some more movies for our Akkineni hero to become the real hero. Chaitu has graduated in the rating in his love story, but Akhil failed.

Will that face suit our audience is the big question. First when Nagarjuna was launched people laughed at his nose. But after that, he has become Manmathudu and now one of the senior heroes.

Who knows Chaitu and Akhil will also become the next superstars of the industry.