A latest research in the USA says that pollution also causes diabetes and aggravates the lifestyle disease. Air pollution and polluted water droplets also cause diabetes the researches wrote.

But a recent argument in the Telugu states says that one need not take medicine of diabetes and that it can be reversed with the change in the food. A prominent Pharma man Shyam Prasad Reddy who was on insulin and Metformin for last 20 years stopped this and changed the food. He and his wife are fine and there is no diabetes.

They are not taking any medicine and they have just changed the food that they were taking. They reduced the rice intake.

 pollution diabetes

The pharma man claimed that diabetes is being used by Pharma companies to sell medicines and exploit the people. Diabetes is not a decrease he said and that he is going to create awareness on this soon.

Ramakrishna who is claiming and challenging the world that he can cure diabetes with just change in lifestyle and food has proved beyond doubt that he, in fact, can do this. He has proved this to the doctors who were diabetics and now they are not taking the medicine. They have just changed the food and in 3 months they are non-diabetic.

The doctors who got cured said that in fact the medicines are spoiling the kidneys and eyesight of people across the world and they must not take the medicines. They must eat proper food and do proper exercise. Ramakrishna claims that blood sugar level up to 250 is also Ok.