In the recent times a “Kiki challenge” song is posted in the social network by one pop singer “Drake (Canada)” and thereby the youth is indulging in “Kiki challenge” games and the Kiki challenge game has got worldwide popularity in the social network.

In this game, the youth jumps from the running cars and doing dances on the roads itself and the dancing youth walks in dancing postures while the car is running the dancer will board the car in running condition only.


Because of this, there is a high probability for the occurrence of accidents on the roads itself since the vehicles coming from backside don’t expect sudden and brisk movement of the youth as well as sudden stoppage movement of the cars.

The youth/people who try to do such “Kiki challenges” will be penalized as per law i.e City police act Sec 70 (B), Section 184, 188 of MV Act, IPC sections 268 IPC and even section 337, 338, 304 (A) IPC depending upon the case details.

Hence an appeal has been made by the Rachakonda traffic police to the public especially youth and college students is that do not indulge in such Kiki challenges which not only causes accidents to the car driver and dancer but also the innocent driver who comes from backside can’t anticipate the dancer’s/car brisk movement.