The police are cautioning the public returning form Villages after the Sankranthi Vacation.

Large number of citizens who had been to their home towns for the festival and week-long holiday would be returning this weekend from far away places in their own vehicles.
It is noticed that due to various reasons, most of them start during night time and drive continuously for Lon distances towards the city on major highways including the ORR. This leads to many accidents as the drivers tend to be drowsy and hit the dividers/roadside barriers/ stationary vehicles/ vehicles moving ahead.

Many times this leads to fatalities also.

Hence, police advises public to :
– plan their travel well in advance
– avoid long journeys during night time on motor cycles/cars
– the drivers need to take adequate rest before starting the long journey
– whenever the driver gets exhausted during the travel, stop and refresh before going ahead
– not to stop on the highways dangerously