PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi refused to sit on a sofa specially arranged for him during a photo session. This was in Russia where he asked the officials to remove the plush sofa and wanted a chair like others. The officers just removed the sofa and Modi took the chair like others and the photo session was completed.

The officials and people who participated in the photo session were surprised by the simplicity of the Prime Minister.

The video was posted by the Union Minister for Railways Piyush Goel.

“What a lovely gesture. There are no words. See the simplicity,” a Twitter user said.

“We have a humble and sober Prime Minister who is down to earth,” another Twitter user said.

“Modiji’s simplicity makes him the most respected n powerful leader in the world fraternity. The conviction, clarity with which he talks n conveys his message. He knows what’s best 4 the nation. He’s soft 4 good people but very hard 4 those who try to harm the nation. He’s truly our PM,” a user tweeted.