PM Modi to copy KCR- Insurance for all

modi kcr

Prime Minister Modi is in trouble it looks like. He has sent his chief Amit Shah to meet Uddhav Thackrey to set things right. Now he is taking a leaf out of the KCR welfare programs. It was yesterday that KCR the CM of Telangana has signed an MOU with LIC and insured the farmers of Telangana. A farmer will get Rs 5 lakh in case of any eventuality within 5 days that is the arrangement.

Now Modi is also thinking along the same lines and he wants to give insurance to the citizens of the country. After Modicare the medical program now Modi is thinking of insurance to the people and to this effect he has already discussed with the officials and a draft policy is getting ready for the same.

PM Modi aims to initially provide three programs – old age pension, life insurance and maternity benefits while leaving out unemployment, child support and other benefits – to most working citizens it is reported.

 KCR rythu bandhu

Like KCR PM Modi also wants to go all out on the welfare programs in the next one year. The time and the budget are not sufficient but he wants to make a start.

Modi wants to see that the citizens have some kind of social security, otherwise, it would be very difficult for him to face the public in next election. KCRs scheme of giving financial assistance program to farmers is popular across all the states, now the insurance is making news again. Farmers suicides and compensation have been a big issue since last several years across the country and many governments collapsed on farmers suicides.

Now KCR has found out an answer and even the PM is thinking along the same lines but covering a larger number in general.