Limited liquor


The country is in serious trouble and people who are depressed want liquor. People who want to come out of the Depression and sadness need liquor.

People who are USD to drinking need liquor said popular hero and father a hero, Rishi Kapoor. Rishi Kapoor is out of danger now after cancer treatment. It may be noted that Rishi was the film personality who raised voice against the BJP government for the sake of eating Bef. The people have the right to eat whatever they want he said.

Now he says that the liquor shops should also be opened like the grocery shops. Please sell the liquor in black if you want the senior hero Rishi suggested tot he Government.

A lot of deaths are being reported as the people are not getting liquor and they are unable to continue their life. Telangana also people who are used to taking Toddy are bearing like mad persons. They are coming before the media and asking for Toddy and liquor bottles.

They want the liquor shops to be kept open for about tow hairs on a daily basis.Already some people are selling the liquor in black in Secunderabad and other areas. It is sold in the outskirts shops also from the back door in black.

But there is a demand for liquor shops to be kept open. People want liquor amidst the lockdown.