kcr ktr

K Taraka Rama Rao the TRS working President today suggested that each one must plant one tree on the birthday of the CM K Chandrasekhar Rao. He suggested that the workers and leaders should not waste money in the name of Birthday.

In the same manner, KTR must suggest the leaders and workers not to waste money for Bouquets of flowers and shawls. People coming to the party office to meet him come with sweet boxes, bouquets and also shawls. It is better if they can give the same money in the form of Chequest to CM welfare fund which can be given for the needy.

Instead of waiting for about thousand rupees for the flowers and the shawls the same money can be handed over to the party people or KTR directly which would be going for the CM welfare fund which would be given to the needy.

Not only for KCR, but for also KTR the sapling formula should be worked out.