Please cooperate and observe a hundred per cent shut down for 24 hours requested the CM of Telangana K Chandrasekhar Rao. Addressing the media here he said that Petrol bunks, mil shops, water shops, media and ambulances will function he said.

He said that one must not go out and if it is emergency maintain a metre distance he suggested. 6 am to next day 6 am observe absolute shut down he stated.

People above 60 must be very careful. The CCMB will be used for Corona test he said and that the centre has agreed for the same. The Vigilance teams are watching the situation and no one with Corona can escape he said.

RTC services, metro services are closed the CM stated. If needed we will spend Rs 10000 crore to arrest the situation he explained. Self-restraint is need of the hour the CM opined.

The wine shops will also be closed as part of the Janata Curfew. The poojas are continuing but pilgrims are not being allowed to avoid gatherings he said.

We will not die if we shut down for 24 hours he stated. Government is ready for emergency services he stated.