People want Venkaiah to be the President


Wellwishers and people close to VenkaiahNaidu the Vice President to be the President of India. But Venkaiah as such wanted to be in the BJP party and serve the people.

He was not at all in taking up the position of the Vice President of India. But Prime Minister Modi prevailed upon him to be the Vice President as his services were needed for taking care of the matter in Rajya Sabha.

They had no majority earlier in the Rajya sabha. When Venkaiah was in the Swarna Bharathi trust program along with the Union Home Minister Amit Shah he openly said that he would be happy to be with the public and do some social service.

But the people of AP are proud that Venakaiah has grown to the stature of Vice President. When the people agitating in Amaravathi said that he was in no position to act directly and would talk to the people at the helm of affairs and do the needful.

But he is one of the well-wishers of the farmers who wants Amaravahi to be the lone capital for the state of Andhra Pradesh. We have to see if Venkaiah would become the President in the near future.