People obey KCR


It was very surprising to see that people have just taken the caution of KCR call very seriously and are staying indoors on Sunday. So far no leaders call have taken the people very seriously.

Today as part of one day shut down the people have close down everything in Telangana and they are indoors.

This is big success and we are confident that the people will cooperate to drive away Corona from Telangana.

People across the Nation have also heard Pm Modi carefully and they are observing the 12-hour shutdown. There is a talk that the Corona has moved to the second stage in the country and that it should not reach the 3rd stage.

The third stage is very dangerous. The CCMB has been given for clinical tests and other research for the Corona. It is proved beyond doubt that people are with KCR and they just floor whatever he says.

It is for our good that we are observing the curfew KCR explained and the people just followed him. With this kind of cooperation we just drive away from the Coronavirus in the coming days.