Saying that the people have a lot of expectations, the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said that the new Telangana Policies should be aimed at providing relief from various problems and issues being faced by the people, the Revenue Policy should be devoid of any bribes and the urban policy should aim at zero level corruption.

The people gave us a landslide victory in the Legislative Assembly polls and blessed us. We have taken up overall welfare. The government has decided to bring in qualitative change to pay as gratitude to the people. We will try to get as much change as possible.

Somebody has to initiate and the government has decided to initiate this change by itself. The Telangana New Municipal Act should be brought in to eradicate corruption. This time around, people expect from the government best practices and best policies.

People should get benefit from the best policies. The New Municipal Act should be made to serve the people and to take care of their problems and issues.

The Act should be stringent and help for the development of towns in a better way. The Act should be made with all the seriousness and commitment and should not be taken in a lighter vein,” the CM explained.

Right now all the departments in the municipalities are used to some kind of corruption or the other. Even for a name change, they demand some money even after producing all the documents.

In rural areas, one has to depend on others for applying online. Here also they are forced to spend some money just to apply. All these things must go and a transparent system should be in place.