People blame Prashant Kishore


Prashant Kishore who earlier gave a statement that he will not work as a poll strategist is already busy strategising for the next election in Andhra Pradesh. His people are working for Sharmila in Telangana.

Kapus are of the opinion that it is the strategy of Prashant to isolate Pawan and Kapus for the next election to save Jagan Mohan Reddy. There is a talk that Posani is working for Rahl Gandhi now, and he might become the General Secretary for the Congress party by keeping Priyanka in front as the President of the party.

Prashant is planning to get Kiran Kumar Reddy back into politics for the Congress party in AP. Kapus accused that Prashant was dividing the country and states in the name of caste creed and community.
Prashant openly stated that the Indian elections run caste creed and community basis.

He is taking money in the name of elections and dividing the society into the caste lines they charged. There are also allegations that he was behind the attacks on Temples in Andhra Pradesh. Pawan Kalyan today is supposed to address the meeting of workers in Guntur.

After Posanis abuses at the Press Club, Pawan is yet to make a counter statement. Posani has done a lot of character assassination of Pawan Kalyan.