Peddalu Jana Reddy sons into politics


The two sons of senior Congress leader and former Home Minister Peddalu Jana Reddy are entering into the Congress party sooner or later.

They are grooming Miryalguda and Nagarjunasagar constituencies. RevathReddy is said to have assured them of the MLA seats from the Congress party.

Jana Reddy has said thank you ot politics as he lost to TRS from Nagarjuna Sagar. Now his sons will contest from two seats and they are working in a subtle fashion for the same.

Jana Reddy has a good hold and he has done a good job for the people of Nalgonda in General. Because of the sympathy factor, Jana could not win from Nagarjunasagar against the TRS.

Now he is guiding his sons to contest from the respective constituencies and money is not a big factor to him. They may win two seats at least one seat is a sure shot.

Jana in fact has a very good rapport here with the people from Nalgonda. But he could not withstand the onslaught from the TRS in the last election.

Both Jana and Revanth also have good relationship and this makes all the difference.