pay tm

MD, HMRL Mr NVS Reddy has launched Paytm’s QR-code based metro ticketing system at Metro Rail Bhavan here today.

He said, with the launch of QR code based ticketing system, “we have taken a step forward towards creating urban mobility solutions that are future ready. We believe that by offering these tech-powered solutions we will serve the transit needs of commuters more efficiently and seamlessly”.

He added that, this brand new service would give commuters in Hyderabad a new option to travel seamlessly and avoid long queues to buy tokens at metro stations. They can now simply purchase a QR ticket on their Paytm app, which can be displayed at the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates to proceed for the journey.

MD- L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Limited K.V.B. Reddy shared, “The launch of mobile QR ticketing on Hyderabad Metro in partnership with Paytm help people of Hyderabad to book digital ticket seamlessly and create mark in industry”.

This feature will help over 14 lakh smart card holders using metro services to book Single, Return, Store Value & Trip Pass ticket using the Paytm app and experience seamless connectivity. These tickets can also be pre-booked and come with a validity of one day. The company further plans to extend this service to metro-feeder buses to ensure last-mile connectivity in the city.