Pawar beats Modi-Shah Jodi!


If Sena forms the Government in Maharashtra with the help of NCP and Congress, it is like beating the Modi-Shah Jodi. The people of Maharashtra and the people of the country, in general, are still not convinced with the fact that the BJP despite being the single largest party is not in a position to form the Government.

No one knows what really has transpired between the Pawar and Modi in the parliament library hall. Amit Shah branded as the Chanakya of Indian politics will not lose the fight so easily.

They will not give up Maharashtra so easily. The greediness of Sena to make Aditya Thackerey the first time MLA as the CM has changed the equations between the BJP and the ShivSena.


People prefer Uddhav to Aditya as Uddhav is a seasoned man in politics. Aditya is a Bachcha and it takes some times to learn the nitty-gritty of politics.

It looks like Congress might take some more time to come to terms with the present situation in Maharashtra. But finally, it can be termed as an unholy alliance.

The Sena which thrived on the concept of Hindutva will be burying Hindutva. The concept may not succeed in the long run.