Pawan Kalyan of BJP for Bandla Ganesh?


Bandla Ganesh the actor turned producer is waiting for a right hero and a film. But in the meantime he is being lured by the BJP it is reported.

Is Bandla interested in politics or Cinema is the issue. After failing miserably with the Congress party, the comedian is still being trolled on social media.

He could not even get a ticket to contest the elections. But BJP is angling him so that they can use him in the cine circles. Bandla has clarified that he is no more interested in politics.

Right now he is busy working for a right line to convince his god father Pawan Kalyan. Pawan has already agreed to give a movie to Bandla Ganesh but he is interested in a right script.

As he is running a political party called as Jana Sena and now travelling with BJP, Pawan has to be careful with the story script and also dialogues.

He is a responsible party leader for the Telugu states. He cannot afford to do chillar and mass movies. They must have some message for the people.

There are reports that Bandla is also trying for Puri Jagannath his favourite and trusted director for the next movie. Will it be Pawan and Puri for Bandla has to be seen.