Pawan fast unto death 
Pawan fast unto death 
The Jana Sena leaders are very unhappy over the attitude of the BJP Government in giving a package to AP . Special status to AP must be given at any cost that is what the hero and Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan has been demanding. To this effect if needed Pawan is all set to go for a hunger strike and also fast unto death it is reported.
TS MP from Nizamabad and daughter of TS CM Kavitha has also supported the cause of AP and said that she would fight for the same in the Parliament. Most of the leaders of the opposition are very unhappy with the attitude of the centre over the matter.
It has be seen if Pawan would continue with the proposed meeting on Friday at Rajahmundry. According to reports Jana Sena is going ahead with the proposed meeting which was announced earlier.
Meanwhile the CM of AP Chandrababu is yet to react over the issue. He has been consulted by the centre before announcing the package it is reported. Earlier Babu has stated that special package was not the solution for everything which means he was welcoming he special package for the state. He also asked for a package of more than one lakh crore which people thought was not possible.
But now centre has come forward for 1.5 lakh crore package and some of this has already been paid by the centre. There are reports that leaders from different parties and NGOs from AP are planning for show down over the centre.