Pawan comes to Rangasthalam

Pawan Kalyan the Chacha of Charan has seen Rangasthalam. He liked the movie and also appreciated the acting ability of Charan and director Sukumar. Charan said that after Toliprema this is the movie he would like to see in the theatre.

This is the talk of the town for this summer and has zoomed the graph of Charan as an actor. The songs, the taking the treatment is different here and Sukumar gets all the credit.

We can see the movie for two times. The first time you see the movie you will be just seeing it spellbound. To satisfy yourself it requires a second look also. Some of the movies was shot in a set located at Jubilee hills and no one will believe that it was hot on a set. It looked like a rural area in Godavari.

Pawan comes to Rangasthalam

Samantha was deglamourised and she did well like a rural innocent girl. Jagapathi babu did superbly well and Prakash Raj was at his best.

This movie might get some awards for this year’s best movies. One must have guts to produce and direct a movie of this kind with a rural background. Charan with a lungi like a deaf man has done well. His dancing abilities were captured well.