Pawan behaving like a drunken monkey


Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is behaving like a drunken monkey for the sake of BJP ridiculed communists leader Narayana. He was talking to a TV channel where he said that Pawan is just using his mouth left and right and there is nothing that he can do said Narayana.

BJP issuing Pawan Kalyan like a monkey which has drunk toddy stated Narayan. Jana Sena will not benefit an alliance with NJP he opined. Finally BJP will contest from Tirupathi and Pawan will have no other option but to campaign and support them he said.

It is of no use commenting about Pawan Kalyan he opined. Jana Sena will not make any difference in AP politics he stated. The BJP may not come to power in AP even with the alliance of the BJP he said.

Pawan in fact has done nothing for the sake of people so far Narayana explained. Movie craze is different from politics he said. They just come and listen to him and finally will not vote for him in the elections he explained.

Narayan has made these comments against Jana Sena,but the communists are not doing well in the Telugu states. Narayana is no different from Pawan Kalyan. They use their mouth as they like and comment, what ever they want.

But Jana Sena these days has won some Panchayats in Andhra Pradesh and it is a sign that the party is improving by the day.