BJP AP unit has alleged that Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu had set Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena chief to talk against PM Narendra Modi, apart from lashing out at the TDP MPs while he was not talking against the CM of AP.

In his entire speech, the Jana Sena chief was soft peddling Chandrababau  Naidu and targeted MPs from the TD and Opposition parties besides the PM they opined.

BJP leaders said that they were not taking Pawan Kalyan’s outburst seriously as aside from founding a political party some two-and-half-years ago, he had not worked to establish it firmly. The party has no organisational structure and there are no funds at present except the personal wealth of the actor.

Party leaders said that Pawan Kalyan had disowned his own community and wondered from whom he would mobilise support, political and financial. They said that people still remember the bitter experience they had when his brother mega star Chiranjeevi launched the Praja Rajyam with much fanfare at Tirupati and failed to sustain even for a few years.

BJP leaders said that nearly Rs 2,000 crore to Rs 4,000 crore was invested by the community, fans and ticket aspirants in the Praja Rajyam in the 2009 elections presuming that Chiranjeevi would become Chief Minister. The results disappointed them all. They lost money and in due course of time the party was merged with the Congress.

The Jana Sena chief was also being blamed for lack of consistency in his fight on any issue. Earlier, Pawan Kalyan took sides with the farmers on land pooling issue at Amaravati and after a while dropped the subject.

The BJP also faulted  Chandrababu Naidu for failing to implement his poll promises especially on waiver of loans to farmers and self-help groups completely even two-and-half-years after assuming charge. They wondered when the unemployed youth would get the promised stipend.

BJP leaders  said, “Pawan Kalyan lacks commitment to establish his political party strongly and fight for the cause of the people. His on-and-off outburst on several issues will not serve any purpose. Our party is committed to come to the rescue of AP and we expect a good word from  Modi on AP soon.”

The state BJP cadre who wanted to rely upon Pawan Kalyan to strengthen the party base in the state was a disappointed lot as the actor made it clear that he was no longer interested in supporting BJP.

He wanted to launch his first public meeting at Kakinada where the BJP had passed a resolution for two states with one vote earlier.

TDP MP JC Diwakar Reddy also lashed out at Pawan and called him childish. Some others called him a part time leader and also hinted that this will not work.

Some leaders also charged that Praja Rajyam was floated for a fees to divide the votes, so that Congress is ensured of the victory. Earlier Chiranjeevi worked for Congress and now Pawan is working for TDP they opined.