Pavala Pawan Kalyan be careful warns Vellampalli


Minister Vellampalli Srinivas warned Pawan Kalyan to keep his mouth shut. He questioned Pawan to provide cinema tickets at cheaper rates. They are looting money in the name of benefit shows he said.

Pawan is a sell-out to the packages given by the other political parties he charged. The people have rejected the Pawan two times and they have not given him a seat Vellampalli he said.

Why Pawan is afraid of selling the tickets online he questioned? It is for transparency that the Government wants to sell the cinema tickets online he explained.

Pawan is doing this for Political survival he opined. Pawan alone is not the cinema industry he said. The distributors are for the online sale of tickets the Minister explained.

Apart from Vellampalli. Bots Satyanarayana and also Anil Yadav made comments against the speech of Pawan Kalyan. It has become the talk of the town these days.

The speech of Pawan Kalyan is viral. It looked as if the entire film industry was with Pawan in making such a speech against Jagan and his Government.