Patience for 3 weeks:Harish

harish rao

Minister for Finance Harish Rao urged the people to maintain calm and have all the patience for another 3 weeks to keep away from the Corona Virus.

Talking to the people Harish said that the movement of the vegetables, milk, water and other daily essential commodities is being monitored by the Government from time time.

Any issue on this front can be reported to the police or the Government Harish suggested the people. Harish agreed that there is the scarcity of vegetables for some parts of Hyderabad and the stick will be sent to Hyderabad at the earliest.

There should not be any panic buying he suggested the people. Any black marketing or hoarding should be reported to the police immediately. He warned the traders that overpricing or black-marketing of the essential commodities will not be tolerated.

The minimum distance should be maintained between the people and masks should be used so that the breath and other things will not be transmitted by way of air.

Night times there will be a curfew and people must stay at home he said. Isolation of the Coronavirus is the immediate talks by way os self-isolation he said.

He wanted people to cooperate from time to time.