After getting a super-duper hit called Geeta Govindam, Parasuram the director is struggling to find the next movie. There was a talk that Parasuram would work with Mahesh Babu for Geeta Arts and Allu Aravind.

It is true that Mahesh Babu has agreed to do a movie for Geeta Arts, but now he has said no to Parasuram. The storyline was not liked by Mahesh babu. Now Mahesh is looking at KGF director it is reported.

First, Parasuram was fixed for Akhil, but Akhil started working with Bommarillu Bhaskar. Now that the film is nearing completion, Parasuram is looking at Akhil and they will start the work soon.

Earlier on hit movie would land ten more movies for the directors, but not now. Heroes are scouting stories and are making doubly sure that it is a sure shot for them. They are not taking a risk like the earlier times.

The heroes want a sure shot story from the directors. Mahesh has been talking to various new directors ever since he has started producing movies. After Anil Ravipudi he is a talked to Sandeep vanga also.

But nothing has been finalised . He refused the story of Parasuram.

There is a lot of pressure from the directors to Mahesh.