Pakka evidence to nail Ananya and Aryan


Ananya Pandey the daughter of Chunkey Pandey who is the leading lady in Poori Jagannath and Vijay Devarakondas movie is in drugs deal it looks like.

The police have got the What app Chat evidence and no one can deny it. Ananya it looks like is supplying the drugs and the chat indicates Aryan the son of Shahrukh Khan as the customer.

Both Ananya and Aryan have been questioned by the NCB. Aryan is finding it difficult to get bail.

Here is the text of the Chat:
Aryan – Weed

Ananya – it’s in Demand

Aryan – I will take it from you in secret

Ananya – fine

With such similar chats, the NCB claims that Ananya used to supply drugs to Aryan. And one more chat leaked online.

Ananya texts Aryan, “Now I am in the business.”

Aryan: you brought the weed?

Ananya: I am getting it

This is just a part of it and the NCB as got more evidence to nail them.