Paagal movie review: Just OK

Paagal is the latest movie of Vishwak Sen. Vishwak as a hero has done well. It is a love story with comedy here and there. The director who is doing the first film did not know how to present the story.

Youth who are really in love can watch this movie one time. Vishwak the hero believes that if you give real love you will get back the love. That is what his mother teaches him.

Vishwak tires for a girl but fails, Then he plans to commit suicide when the girl falls in love with him. That is the story in brief. Naresh Kuppili is the director.

It looks like Vishwak has also taken part in the movie-making along with the director. Nivetha is the leading lady and Bhumika also has done a role in the movie.

The music is just OK and we cannot say that the movie is so good. It is an OK movie. Go for the movie without any expectations. The first half of the movie is good and the second half is ok.

The director should have made it crisp by trimming it to the extent possible.