Shiv Sena was overconfident that they would get the chief minister post. They thought that the BJP would be desperate to form the Government at any cost and that it may not go back.

But the result was different, the BJP chose to stay out of the formation of Government. Then the Sena was of the opinion that the Congress and the NCP would come forward to support Sena in the name of keeping BJP out of the race.

But the NCP and Congress now are planning to form the Government in Maharashtra where the Sena is forced to kneel down and give them the required support.

The plans of Sena and the overconfidence of Uddhav has turned turtle. Now he says there is no hurry. His son is back into T-shirts from the political outfits he was wearing.

Most of them rejected the candidature of Aditya Thackeray to the post of the Chief Minister. Then Uddhav stepped in. Byt this time the President rule is already in place.

Congress and NCP stated that they have not talked to the Sena so far. Now Sena also says there is time for forming the Government. BJP also said that they wanted to form the Government.

Now it is time for poaching. There is a chance that the BJP may get a dozen MLAs from other political parties.